Friday, July 11, 2014

A Focus on Listening: Mario Llorente describes the "Visual and Active Audio Library"

part 1

The Internet holds millions of documents, photos, pdfs, audio files and videos and many of them are available for public use.  The problems:
a) where are these files?                                                                  part 2
b) how long will it take to download and store these items?
c) how could these items be organized?

Mario Llorente has been part of efforts to bring materials gto teachers.

Some teachers don't have the skills of "finding and downloading useful items"
Teachers are good at presenting information to their classes.

part 4

part 5

Part 6

Mario makes it possible through the Visual and Active Audio Library to share collections of files in the public domain.  Yes, many teachers can find time to search the archives of the Library of Congress and other places where free ebooks are stored for public use.  Many of us don't have time or the experience to know where to look.

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

The following materials are available for downloading   a collection of links to free ebooks   Collections for parents and students

Many teachers who are unfamiliar with the resources on the Internet face three obstacles:
a) How do we find these files?
b) How do we download these files?
c)  How do we organize these files?
d) How do we distribute these files?

There is a principle of "help your students focus."  Giving a folder with 200 files in it does not provide enough guidance to many students.   Teachers often need to give students a choice of three or four files, perhaps per week, and ask students to select one or two of the four files to report on.

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